The Dobrai family has founded a company for 20 years for mobile telephone’s marketing, because there wasn’t similar activity either in the city or subregion.
- In 1998 we started distributions of abrasives on the home market.
- In 1999 we started to transport tools and abrasives to Romania and fireplaces and furniture industry components were delivered back. At this time the number of staff was 4 people, than had risen to 5 people.
- In 2004 the „Magyar Telekom” (Hungarian Telecommunication) business line started its activity in Tiszafüred, and the number of employees changed to 9.
- In 2005, we was renting a site in the „Barracks of Karcag”, which we purchased in 2006. Here we started doing sheet metal work for fireplace production. The number of employees had increased to 15, and after developments in 2008 to 22 people.
- In 2009 we began to manufacture machine parts. Our staff number had risen to 35 people in 2016.

  • Now our metal sector in Karcag operates on a 6000 m2 region, currently the manufacturing area is 1800 m2, thanks to the investments which has been growing and growing steadily.
  • In accordance with market requirements, the customer’s raw material is processed into semi-finished or finished products. Our business contacts cover Eastern and Western Europe as well.
  • The „Telekom Business Line” operates with two stores in Karcag and Tiszafüred.

Our activities

    Metal industry:
  • Laser Cutting,
  • Bending,
  • CNC-controlled sectional cutting
  • Small and large series of welding work
  • Carbon steel and acid resistant welding
  • Robot-welding
  • CNC
  • Industrial gas distribution
   Telecommunication business line:
  • Karcag
  • Tiszafüred